You don’t have to pretend

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I lay here, by you in this large bed. Beneath the sheets your warm skin presses against mine. That is my doing. The darkness drapes over the room, encompassing both our bodies like the blanket of night sometimes does. You haven’t moved in minutes, long sour minutes that may soon reach an hour. Soft waves crashing upon a distant shore and your slow but quick breaths are the only sounds to tickle my ears in the dead of this night. You’re pretending though. Sleep has not overtaken you, nor do you stroll through dreamlands within your head. You lie awake by my side, and that is the truth. I slid my fingers beneath the waistline of your blue cotton underwear and in your false state of sleep you removed them. You placed my hand upon the bed and it stung like ice within my warm heart. Can I not want? Or are my desires lost in the crashing waves and darkness as I complete this sentence and you pretend to sleep.

I still remember…

After someone looks you in the eyes and says that they do not love you, is it hope that causes you to believe they’re lying? Or is it ignorance? Because those 8 letters should never be used in combination with the word “don’t” when it was not present the first time they were whispered. No, not without the intentions to break a heart.

A Little Overwhelmed

You can pretend like you don’t care.
You can say it doesn’t bother you.
You can fall and brush off the dirt while you regain your feet,
Only to overlook the bloody knee.
You can stand so tall,
With shoulders broad,
And chin held high,
Higher than it aught…
You can laugh without hesitance,
In the face of fear,
And smile at your enemies,
Whispering in other’s ear.
You can pretend that you don’t care.

You can push the weight off,
Along with the covers.
As sunshine brings forth new days,
And new endeavors.
With every cloud,
You can pierce through the grays,
To see the beautiful shining
Silver lining
That may or may not exist.

You can tell yourself,
That it will all be okay.
That you are stronger than it
And any feat you might face.

You can pretend that you don’t care.

but if you are me
And I am you
Which these words,
Could possibly ensue

Then you would know
That I
Am not that strong.
But if I were you
And you were me
You might have a little more appreciation.

Because as much as I try,
To pretend
And play,
I do care and that will never change.


A wise man’s words once trickled,
“God gave us memories that we,
might have,
roses in December.”

The thought that a thought,
Can bring life to its likeness past,
Causes thought
To bear such depths.

But there are two doors,
an entry and an exit,
Though one can double as the other, and the other for more.

A tingling connection,
A thought followed by action,
Finds your shoulders between the trim,
Facing only one direction.

After entering a new world,
Memory will forever remain,
And there’s no way out of that memory,
Until it is stored for another day.

But once out…
You are in no more,
And to return you must find
The other door.

And sometimes that door,
Can only be a memory.

First time

Byron reigned the horses back at the very edge of the riverbank. The carriage rocked to a halt and he turned to face the beautiful woman beside him. He pulled his hand out of her gloved fingers grip, causing her face to fill with concern. But the insecurity lifted quickly as he placed it around her small waist and scooted her across the carriage bench into his arms. As she let her head lower onto his right shoulder her curls tickled his cheek and it took all of his might not to instinctually flinch away. Anna Mary must have noticed, and as she always did she brushed the locks away from him and tucked her hair behind her neck as she innocently muttered, “Sorry”.
“You always do that…”, Byron responded as he smiled down at his precious love.
” I know, I can’t help it”, Anna Mary whispered back. Byron took his left hand from her thigh and gently lifted her chin. His lips found her forehead and she leaned into his kiss. As he pulled away, her head followed as if to avoid losing the kiss. He chuckled at her playfully and returned his lips to her soft skin, then to her cheek and next to the tip of her nose. Finally, he took both hands and placed them on the sides of her face as his lips found hers for the first time that night. Then it began.