First time

Byron reigned the horses back at the very edge of the riverbank. The carriage rocked to a halt and he turned to face the beautiful woman beside him. He pulled his hand out of her gloved fingers grip, causing her face to fill with concern. But the insecurity lifted quickly as he placed it around her small waist and scooted her across the carriage bench into his arms. As she let her head lower onto his right shoulder her curls tickled his cheek and it took all of his might not to instinctually flinch away. Anna Mary must have noticed, and as she always did she brushed the locks away from him and tucked her hair behind her neck as she innocently muttered, “Sorry”.
“You always do that…”, Byron responded as he smiled down at his precious love.
” I know, I can’t help it”, Anna Mary whispered back. Byron took his left hand from her thigh and gently lifted her chin. His lips found her forehead and she leaned into his kiss. As he pulled away, her head followed as if to avoid losing the kiss. He chuckled at her playfully and returned his lips to her soft skin, then to her cheek and next to the tip of her nose. Finally, he took both hands and placed them on the sides of her face as his lips found hers for the first time that night. Then it began.

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