You don’t have to pretend

1210525_40641998 2

I lay here, by you in this large bed. Beneath the sheets your warm skin presses against mine. That is my doing. The darkness drapes over the room, encompassing both our bodies like the blanket of night sometimes does. You haven’t moved in minutes, long sour minutes that may soon reach an hour. Soft waves crashing upon a distant shore and your slow but quick breaths are the only sounds to tickle my ears in the dead of this night. You’re pretending though. Sleep has not overtaken you, nor do you stroll through dreamlands within your head. You lie awake by my side, and that is the truth. I slid my fingers beneath the waistline of your blue cotton underwear and in your false state of sleep you removed them. You placed my hand upon the bed and it stung like ice within my warm heart. Can I not want? Or are my desires lost in the crashing waves and darkness as I complete this sentence and you pretend to sleep.

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