Amazing Grace

I was lost, and you found me. You left and I once again wandered the wilderness alone. When you returned I was not there. You called for me, told me to come home, but you did not look for me. At the edge of the trees you sat… Waiting for me to find my way back to you. But while you were gone I had wandered far into the deep dark territory of the woods. You sat there just out of reach from my lost soul, unwilling to move or search for me in the shadows. You did not look for me and you did not care to find what you had left behind. You had already found me when I was lost and once should be enough. After weeks of your waiting and weeks of my wandering, I discovered my way back into your arms. You were pleased but you did not realize that part of me had been left in the shadows of the dark wilderness, part of me was lost-never to be found by you again.


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