I Know :)

The story of their meeting,
Held a humor of its own.
Yet a tale that few would laugh at,
Unless the retelling had by time grown.

Like the sun’s kiss upon the forehead,
The feeling brought warmth to them both.
A wild and in-explainable electricity,
That kept them dancing in their souls.

Thousands of miles now stood between,
Separating more nights from being shared.
The connection spoken of could not be seen,
But it was strongly sensed within the pair.

Strangers, who in each other’s words,
Felt for the first time in a long,
Like small children amidst the great big world;
And, yet, still very much at home.

Neither knew the outcome,
Or looked that far into the horizon,
Because for the moment they were taken,
By what fate had tenderly, in them, ignited.

Their accustomed badges and defenses,
Evaporated into the night sky,
The moment eyes laid upon,
Each others’ smile.

And together, they agreed-
“I know”.

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