March Madness

Tonight. Well, it was busier than what I like.

Birthday Dinner for your Mum… then Bar #1.

Soon we skipped along to the second.

Where I beat you in all games present.

Though, I’m no good at pool or darts….

I think I’ve found a portion of your heart.

I think.

It’s so damn hard, being hard.

It’s really tough, being tough.

It’s takes more strength to be raw.

And I truly cannot balance it all.

Show me your weaknesses, I beg.

Show me your desires –


To know what makes

you burn.

Because I am a fire

and I cannot lose my flame

for yours.



Adam Hates Animals

So I’m sitting on the computer.

Reading my own work.

And this stupid song came on….called “Lost & Found” by Jutt Huffman featuring Adam Rausche.

I tried to cuddle with Adam once.

Jutt Huffman is my ex.

And then Adam Trapani called me. I told him I was writing, he mentioned something about moving a mattress…to which I responded, “For sure, tomorrow.” So now I’m stuck moving a mattress tomorrow and having nothing better to write about than the fact that Adam Trapani hates animals.

Swear it.