Come Back

Like a prodigal Son....

people come and go, this i surely know

but i’m tired of empty holes in portraits on the wall

where pretty faces used to be

i hide my cigarettes in mum’s bushes

because she doesn’t like to see the ruins

scattered across her drive

like the ashes in my eyes

where there used to be a fire

and i ask myself “wheres home?”

this isn’t the one i’ve known

too many years i’ve been gone

now returned- the prodigal son

i never knew i was the lost one

cause my pictures always hung

by the entrance in the hall

until the day i came home

slammed the door too hard

and it fell from the wall

now the cracks in the glass

cast a reflection that lasts

screaming, “come back- come back”

I Know :)

The story of their meeting,
Held a humor of its own.
Yet a tale that few would laugh at,
Unless the retelling had by time grown.

Like the sun’s kiss upon the forehead,
The feeling brought warmth to them both.
A wild and in-explainable electricity,
That kept them dancing in their souls.

Thousands of miles now stood between,
Separating more nights from being shared.
The connection spoken of could not be seen,
But it was strongly sensed within the pair.

Strangers, who in each other’s words,
Felt for the first time in a long,
Like small children amidst the great big world;
And, yet, still very much at home.

Neither knew the outcome,
Or looked that far into the horizon,
Because for the moment they were taken,
By what fate had tenderly, in them, ignited.

Their accustomed badges and defenses,
Evaporated into the night sky,
The moment eyes laid upon,
Each others’ smile.

And together, they agreed-
“I know”.




There’s some things that you’re just alone in.
Certain obstacles that only you can do. No matter who you want to share your burden with, no matter what hand you expect in yours along the way, no matter the support you want to hear-even in the echoing distance-cheering as you struggle up the hill. No matter what… There’s just some things you’ll always be alone in doing.
And though they make break you; physically, emotionally, mentally…they may tear everything you know apart and rip this world to shreds before your very eyes. Though these shadows may overtake the dawn and your days be filled with storms of stress, hurt, pain, confusion, and hardship crashing upon your glass windows and running down the panes before they all come together and meet as one …there are some things in life you’re going to be alone in.

But they only make you stronger.


A Little Overwhelmed

You can pretend like you don’t care.
You can say it doesn’t bother you.
You can fall and brush off the dirt while you regain your feet,
Only to overlook the bloody knee.
You can stand so tall,
With shoulders broad,
And chin held high,
Higher than it aught…
You can laugh without hesitance,
In the face of fear,
And smile at your enemies,
Whispering in other’s ear.
You can pretend that you don’t care.

You can push the weight off,
Along with the covers.
As sunshine brings forth new days,
And new endeavors.
With every cloud,
You can pierce through the grays,
To see the beautiful shining
Silver lining
That may or may not exist.

You can tell yourself,
That it will all be okay.
That you are stronger than it
And any feat you might face.

You can pretend that you don’t care.

but if you are me
And I am you
Which these words,
Could possibly ensue

Then you would know
That I
Am not that strong.
But if I were you
And you were me
You might have a little more appreciation.

Because as much as I try,
To pretend
And play,
I do care and that will never change.